Selected Publications

(Also published as Jack H. Marr)


Proserpina, Going Deeper  –  Through The Gate, Issue 5, Autumn 2014

A Summoning Of Monsters  – Liminality Magazine, Issue 1, Autumn 2014

Through The Heron Door  – Goblin Fruit, Winter 2014

Lunectomy, in Stone Telling, Issue 7.  Republished in Here, We Cross: A Collection of Queer and Genderfluid Poetry from Stone Bird Press, 2012


into the waters i rode down in Accessing The Future, eds. Djibril Al-Ayad and Kathryn Allan, 2015

Before The Rains Came, in Lackington’s Magazine, Issue 2, 2014

Always Left Behind, in The Future Fire, Issue 2014.29


Awakening the Transsexual Gods, in Gender and Transgender In Modern Paganism from Circle of Ceridwen Press